A little about myself: currently, I am working in Denver as the lead editor and production manager for a long-form interview show. I am the main production lead for on-site shooting which requires me to have experience in interview lighting, multi-cam setup, management of large crews, audio setup, interviewee wrangling, and location scouting.

I am a Sony fanatic who is inspired by strong, bold colors with vibrant subjects to match. With a background in videojournalism, I find that each of my stories are influenced by bold personalities that connect with the targeted viewer in a strategic and honest way. I have worked with organizations such as Google, The Denver Post, Oswego Creative, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Farmers Insurance, and many more. I also have a strong passion and commitment to the environment, LGBTQIA+ communities, women’s issues, and rural communities.

List of references and reviews of my work are at the bottom.

All the following videos and images were taken and edited exclusively by Sophie Hoover unless otherwise stated.


Phone: 239-331-6464

Writing Samples

Video by Sophie Hoover and Mark Van Cleave

Post-Production only for Oswego Creative

Lighting, directing, audio monitoring, editing by Sophie

The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.
— Ida B. Wells