All the following videos and images were taken and edited exclusively by Sophie Hoover unless otherwise stated.

Video by Sophie Hoover and Mark Van Cleave

Post-Production only for Oswego Creative

Lighting, directing, audio monitoring, editing by Sophie

A little about myself: currently, I am working in Denver as the lead editor and production manager for a long-form interview show. I am the main production lead for on-site shooting which requires me to have experience in interview lighting, multi-cam setup, management of large crews, audio setup, interviewee wrangling, and location scouting.

I am a Sony fanatic who is inspired by strong, bold colors with vibrant subjects to match. With a background in videojournalism, I find that each of my stories are influenced by bold personalities that connect with the targeted viewer in a strategic and honest way. I have worked with organizations such as Google, The Denver Post, Oswego Creative, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Farmers Insurance, and many more. I also have a strong passion and commitment to the environment, LGBTQIA+ communities, women’s issues, and rural communities.

List of references and reviews of my work are at the bottom.

The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.
— Ida B. Wells


Phone: 239-331-6464

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