Sophie Hoover’s Resume

Andrew Ferguson detangles the netting around his alfalfa roll to feed his cattle through the vegetation-scarce winter months.

(Unknown subject) Human voices seem to bounce off skyscrapers in a different way. “Jamar!” … “Clark!” … “Jamar!” … “Clark!”

Denver’s Matthew Pendleton preps for the day at On The Road Coffee, his Volkswagen-turned-cafe that serves curious passersby around the city. (Sophie Hoover/The Denver Post)

Denver’s tony Volkswagen cafe is half coffee, half commute

"My kids are here all weekend," said Ali Maxy, seeing the broken glass for the first time after Friday prayer. "It's not safe here." (Sophie Hoover/The Minneapolis Star Tribune)

Break—in at Minneapolis Islamic center stirs fear, concern

Julia Marston (Grand Junction) spent her 30-year law enforcement career helping victims of sexual assault and traficking before her Chron’s disease caught up with her.

“I loved working in law enforcement…but I had to retire early because I just couldn’t do it anymore”

“Living with Chrohn’s Disease: My Story”

Bailey Cogan, lead singer and song writer for 26 Bats!, belts the trademark social statement lyrics not at the nodding crowd at Honey (Minneapolis), but rather, is singing for them.

With the winter season lasting from October well into May, Minnesotans must play or perish. Broomball is the staple of the Nelson family in Roseville.

I said I could and I would. And I did
— Nellie Bly

Looking for work in Dakar, the only major city in Senegal, employment hopefuls come from miles away with little transportation in the hopes of selling anything. And that “anything” can range from dolls to mops to candy.


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