New year, new clients

This year is going to be the first year that I have been working for myself full-time for Sophie Hoover Productions and it is going to be a good one already. I have 3 weddings on the books for this summer, I am going to Austin, TX to do video work for a repeat client, and I am trying to search out as many new clients as I can. 

I think I have found my niche as a storytelling photographer and videographer. I really do think that people are tired of cheesy, unnatural video content and want a change of pace; to bring in a human element to seemingly straightforward stories. 

My resolution for this year is to finally master the bear whose name is After Effects. I can edit graphics and am familiar with the interface but not much beyond that. I shall tame it and make it mine.

My Favorite Frames from 2017

Some of these feel like a whole other lifetime ago before I moved to Denver, but others were shot less than a month ago.

Sophie Hoover