New Year, New Camera

After a long time of living and dying with my Canon T4i, I have finally gotten a new camera. A more professional, full-frame, Sony a7sii. For the longest time, I thought for sure that I was going to buy the 5d Mark iii after the iv came out and forced the price down of the old model. Instead, I defected.

I love this camera but it has definitely been a chore getting used to it. The menu is garbage, none of my Canon lenses fit on it without an adapter (obviously), and it has this teeny weeny button for video on the side that is really hard to press. I think I am going to figure out a little rig to help me push it better...more on that in the future.

But then, for Christmas, I got a beautiful Rokinon 85mm lens for my Sony!! This is such a sexy lens and is very fun to use. The only thing is that it has an aperture ring and only manual focus. This is very different for me. Because I do mostly video, I am used to constantly being in manual focus so I do have an advantage but it did make for a bit of an adventure trying out this lens.

Mission: Focus on focus. Get the sharpest photos possible with a manual lens 

The manual was a lot more difficult that I imagined. It was really nice for profiles and landscapes because it helped me get a much more precise picture of what I wanted. For action photos, it was near impossible with such a close lens. I do want to get better at sports photos in the future and will look into a fast AF lens for that someday (probably won't use the Sony for that either). It was a fun weekend and it really helped me get a grasp of the layout of my new Sony and get used to all the buttons. 

Sophie Hoover