A journalist doing corporate videos

Since I started my own business and have been doing my work independently, most of the jobs that I have gotten to do were corporate videos. Short, 2-5 minute videos for advertising, social media, or employee recruitment. I did not think that I would like doing these kinds of videos because they are just businesses, what story could they have to tell? But I proved myself wrong. Every single person I talked to for a testimonial or interview has their own story on how they got to work in insurance or real estate, and they are really fascinating. These kinds of videos are fun because you can really humanize something like home insurance and make these normal people not seem so daunting. 

Here is an example of the most recent corporate project I did; Remax Preferred in Prior Lake, MN. This was really fun to edit and shoot because these were realtors reaching out to fellow realtors and sharing their experience in this industry. We shot all the footage in one day and I edited two videos for them in a few hours with minor difficulties and no overly complex editing. 

I also shot a look book video recently to launch a clothing line by a local Minneapolis artist. This video is going to be about 1-1.5 minutes but will involve MUCH more editing, specifically AfterEffects tricks and creative color altering. I will post when it is done. I am very excited to get started and have far more creative control. 

Sophie Hoover