Up North for the Fourth


For this year's Independence Day celebrations, I took a trip up north to Eagle River, Wisconsin, which is just south of the upper peninsula (UP) of Michigan. A weekend outside on a pontoon in the middle of a lake is the surest way to get any Midwesterner in a good mood. No research needed to check that fact. I wanted to capture the familial and comfortable feeling that was all around us on those days. Everyone was together with family and friends and was blowing stuff up, so clearly it was very relaxing. 

This would be an easy target to get some beautiful subjects and moments for some nice profile photos. One major problem though; we were outside at dead noon and there were just a few wispy clouds in the sky. I was going to be working with harsh sunlight and rapidly changing conditions as the small clouds rolled in and out. 

Mission: To capture well lit, energetic profile photos under intense light/solar conditions. 

All in all, I feel pretty confident in the photos that I did take. The majority of the photos below were taken straight out of the camera as is, with only a few exceptions where I upped the brightness or contrast just to make it even (and made one monochrome). I was very happy with the way that things turned out and you can see the results at the bottom. 

Sophie Hoover