Introduction and First Post

Today I am making the first of hopefully many posts to document my progress through my videography and photography career. My dream is to eventually direct/produce/edit a feature length documentary film or be a video/photo journalist for a major news publication, but before I can get to that point, I need to keep practicing. I will share my stories, adventures, and problems that I will inevitably run into throughout my journey to really master my videography and photography skills to be the best I can be.

Welcome to the Sophie Hoover Productions LLC blog. My name is Sophie Hoover in case you did not quite see the first hundred times that it was plastered across my website. It has been quite a journey getting to this point and it absolutely is only the beginning. My mission from here on out whenever I am not working (which seems to be a constant thing nowadays) is just to carry my camera around with me wherever I go. I want to capture people's stories as they happen and I want to see people between shutter clicks as they really are. 

Sophie Hoover