Philando Castille Rally: Freelance Photos

As I was getting ready to get off work at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, I got an urgent email from an editor at the Pioneer Press who needed a freelance photographer to be in St. Paul in an hour for a rally. I jumped at the chance and threw on my cardigan so I could go get my camera at home. 

The rally was to celebrate that the officer who shot Philando Castille would now be charged with manslaughter and actually brought to trial. Dozens of people gathered at J.J. Hill Elementary School, where Castille worked, to chant, sing, dance, and just be together to support the cause they believe in. 

The most I can hope for right now is to just continue working in video and photo journalism as much as I can. This was a great opportunity and was just as exciting as I remembered it. Just one day prior to this, I emailed that Pio Press editor to ask if she needed photos for the Jamar Clark vigil I was going to, she said "no" but it put me in her brain for the very next night, when she actually DID need me. It just shows that putting yourself out there really pays off.

The one regret I DO have is not getting an establishing shot...admittedly there were not a ton of people there so it would have looked sparse, but I never even tried  to get the shot.

Next time.

They ran the story here with one of my photos (and in the paper with 2 other photos)

Sophie Hoover