Not-so-icy Iceland

At the beginning of October this year, I almost missed my international flight because of an Uber driver who couldn't follow his own GPS. After that, I hopped on a direct flight from Minneapolis to Keflavik Airport, Iceland. 

My significant other and I drove around the ring road for seven days before making a quick stop in Copenhagen, Denmark for three days. Iceland in October is basically how you remember autumn as a kid before you grew up and now think about how your heating bill is going up. The bright, fiery colors are overwhelming and ubiquitous and the air smells like that crisp snow smell that every Midwesterner knows. 

The parts of Iceland that most tourists know about are the incredible sites, the waterfalls right off the road everywhere you go, the mountains, the valleys, the glaciers, and ice caves. What people don't know is how vast and open the whole country is. Every day, I gazed out the windshield and could look as far across lava fields as I could until I could only see the horizon line. 

Mission 1 : Take photos that capture the breadth of vast spaces (ex. Rolling hills, open air, etc.)

As a photographer, I am extremely drawn to bright or contrasting colors like yellows, reds, blacks, and greens. It is easy to take a picture of something small but exponentially harder to take a picture of something impossibly large. For this challenge, I wanted to get as much as possible into the frame while still staying true to the vastness of the country, instead of making it look flat and shapeless. I feel like I succeeded in this aspect. I got some feedback from some other photogs online who gave me some great tips for next time, but for now, I am happy with my results.


Mission 2: Framing and having fun

For this mission, I wanted to capture the off-the-beaten-path sites that I would not normally see on Trip Advisor or in an Iceland travel blog. With that being said, I also intended to find things with beautiful, popping colors and work on my framing techniques to get the best effects. The following are my favorite pictures from the trip that were all locations with no names or places that I did not intend to go to, but happened upon anyway.

The second part of this mission was to have fun. I was on vacation, not working. Those are the final few photos in this gallery, the ones that I would not necessarily turn in on a portfolio but I loved for some inexplicable reason. 

Sophie Hoover