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Sophie Hoover Productions is based in Denver, Colorado and offers a range of multimedia services for a variety of occasions and assignments. She has worked with organizations such as Google, The Denver Post, Oswego Creative, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Farmers Insurance, and many more. Everything from preschools to protests, from corporations to clothing line startups, she has done a bit of everything.

Creative services are offered in these fields:

Documentary Storytelling



WEddings and events


About Sophie

Instagram: @sophiehoover_video

A little about myself: currently, I am working in Denver as a freelance video editor mainly focusing on short documentary films and branded storytelling content.

I am a Sony fanatic who is inspired by strong, bold colors with vibrant subjects to match. With a background in videojournalism, I find that each of my stories are influenced by bold personalities that connect with the targeted viewer in a strategic and honest way. I have worked with organizations such as Google, The Denver Post, Oswego Creative, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Arthrex Inc., Farmers Insurance, and many more. I also have a strong passion and commitment to the environment, LGBTQIA+ communities, women’s issues, and rural communities.

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List of references and reviews of my work are at the bottom.

I meet all my clients in person or over the phone before I work with them so let’s get a coffee and talk strategy.


Some Past and current Clients


Your story


If you have a vision of what you want, feel free to tell me. Be descriptive. Some things to think about could be: 

  • What the project will be used for

  • Where it will be shown

  • How long it should be

  • What it should feel like (ex. mood, energy, etc.)

  • If you need any post production

  • ...and more.

I try to meet with my clients before any work even begins so we can get to know one another and are on the same page. Let's go get coffee or a drink sometime and chat. If you have seen any examples of things that you want to implement, please bring them when we meet or send them to me beforehand. 




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